Mission Trip to Haiti
August 22nd – 29th, 2011

Dear mission partners and friends,


 is a great privilege for us to write to you about the mission work that, by the grace of God, we developed in Haiti. For about ten years, we traveled to different parts of the world to do prison ministry and evangelism. After the great quake of 2010 in Haiti, God put in our hearts to develop a more consistent missionary work in Haiti. Although the work will never be finished in this country, we are one tool in the hands of God to start a church project in Jacmel. We went to continue the project in Jacmel together with Pastor Alexandru Trombitas and brother Adrian Leuciuc from Golgotha Pentecostal Church in Chicago. God called more people from Arizona, California and Portland to join our missionary team and we met in Haiti on August 22.

From Portland: Viorel Gromic, Alin Achim and Nick Ghetes.
From California: Constantin Antimie, Ovidiu Hij and Joel Feceu.
From Arizona: Ionel Ilioi.


 Joseph Jasmin from Gonaives waited for us and we traveled together with him to Jacmel. This was a rainy season and we’re not sure if we can continue with the construction project due to the forecast. As we arrived in Jacmel it stopped raining and the second day it was sunny and after we cleaned the water from inside the building the electricians started their job and in three days the whole building was wired and the fixtures were installed. Pastor Medit Sanon had invited about 130 pastors and leaders for a seminar about ‘How to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ’ taught by Pastor Alexander Trombitas. All of those that came were very attentive and happy and were blessed by the teaching. In the meantime, the construction inside the building and the landscaping outside was progressing. We were able to finish the basement where for about 6 months they held church services. Every night we met for church service where we encouraged people to walk in God’s Word and be strong in the faith. Thursday night a lady surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and on Friday night, the Holy Spirit penetrated her aunt and she surrendered and committed her life to Jesus.  During Friday’s evening service, the children from the church had a celebration of Sunday school graduation. I was so excited to see over 20 children that memorized so many verses from the bible and sang songs. We saw the results of our involvement bring a blessing to the youth. Friday evening’s service was very blessed since the Lord really moved mightily and the people were touched to tears and were filled with the Holy Spirit of God.


 Saturday, I arrived in the Pastor’s house at around 2 a.m. and in the morning we left to Gonaives at 5 a.m. We arrived there at about 11 a.m. and about 90 people were waiting for us. Pastor Jean Inera and Joseph Jasmin made arrangements for the seminary in Gonaives. Even though we were very tired, we were able to minister to the people when we saw the hunger of the people. Pastor Joseph had started a church in a house that is rented in Gonaives. With the help from First Romanian Pentecostal Church in Seattle, he bought a piece of land to build a church. We are praying that the Lord will help him to accomplish this project. Sunday morning we attended the church in Gonaives. We also attended a church server in the afternoon pastored by Jean Inera in a rural area. After lunch, we headed toward Port Au Prince where we preached at a church called Groupe Soldats de Christ or “Soldiers for Christ” pastored by Jean Claude Oscar. This church has been completely devastated during the earthquake last year and they have not been able to rebuild it. Over 2000 people meet under a large tent for church service. People were so touched by the Holy Spirit of God when the message was preached from Nehemiah Ch. 4! We departed towards Chicago on Monday morning.

Blessed Hope International Mission has been legally registered in Haiti by the ‘Ministry of culte’ and is recognized by the government of Haiti. We also have a board of directors in Haiti who coordinate with us in the USA.


 this mission time, we were able to reach the poor, orphans, widows and sick people at their homes. We also helped those that paid for their stay, food and transportation coming from far away for the seminaries. For this purpose God called us to minister to the needs of the people – spiritually and materially. Preaching the Word of God makes soul-winning a priority and then gives room for the Holy Spirit to confirm the ministry of His Word with miracles, signs and wonders. Our mission’s commitment is to remain focused and true believers to his purpose until the Return of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Constantin Lupancu