Dear Brother

Greetings and blessing from God to you. Today, I write you to inform you that we have a new program for the Children of the Church and this program is open also for all the children in the area where the Church is. We call this program: CHILDREN CHURCH CLUB.

Every saterday at 3 PM to 5 PM , we have a special whorship service for the kids of the Church and also we invite all the kids who live around of the Church come and participate in our program .

We create this program for the Children in the gaol to evangelize the Chilcren and bring them to Christ. We started the program last September 19, 2009. The first day, the attendance was 40 kids, the second day 60, the third day the attendance was 70. The house where the Church meet, it’s litle, we don’t have enough space inside, now we meet them at the Church yard. This activity start to be a succes for our Ministry in Gonaives. Please, we ask you to help us by your prayers and so that God can help CHILDREN CHURCH CLUB grow up for the extension of His kingdom. Attached I send to you some pictures from the Church in Gonaives .Thank you !

May God in His love bless you, your family and Ministry.

Pastor Joseph Jules Jasmin,

Ruelle Yvon # 24, Gonaives, Haïti

Phone : 509 37528635

Hello Rev. Pastor Constantin Lipancu

Greetings from New Covenant christian Church, Gonaives, Haiti. Today, I write you to ask you if you already come back to USA. Last sunday moring we had six new baptisms and  I send you some of thier pictures.Thank you!

Your Brother in Christ:

Pastor Joseph J. Jasmin